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VTEEA is constantly working throughout the year offering first class activities, leadership opportunities, educational workshops, and a powerful State Leadership Conference. It works on your behalf advocating the technology industry and the initiatives to develop a world-class knowledge of the future workforce and education needed in Virginia.

What are our goals as a member of the VTEEA?

  • Professional Leadership - at the state level, this is the only association that represents technology education which insures that it stays the primary means for advancing technological literacy in schools
  • Program and Staff Development - the association supports professional development through workshops and the annual conference
  • Public Relations - the association is the strongest organizational advocate for technology education in the state and it does so by promoting its value for all learners to the general assembly and other legislators
  • Leadership Development -the association provides individuals the opportunity to assume and develop leadership roles in the profession

Benefits as a Member of the VTEEA:

  • VTEEA State Leadership Conference
  • Access to the State TSA Advisor
  • Submission of articles (Author) for the VTEEA quarterly Newsletter
  • Potential for a position as an elected member to the Board of Directors, Regional and State
  • Display and present your best ideas and plans at the State VTEEA Conference
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On August 4, 2011, the VTEA changed itís name to VTEEA adding engineering as a part of its strength to support you and your students for the changes taking place in the future workforce and/or continuation of post secondary education. Engineering gives strength to the STEM Program and your classroom curricula. We as Technology Education educators need to give our students every advantage possible to survive in the real world. Just 54% of students entering a four-year college had a degree within six years while the balance of 46% of students who attend college fail to even complete a four-year degree. Membership will enable you to stay abreast of the changes in education at the state level, state legislature policies and the needs in industry.

Please Join,
Dana Newcomer
VTEEA Vice President